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InteliHub Consulting Ltd

InteliHub Consulting Ltd

H&C Insulations are a highly skilled team of engineers that are trained in the safe removal of asbestos, thermal insulation – along with working in confined spaces, scaffold erection and the use of cherry picker/scissor lifts. We take on all types of jobs from the small residential work to the large commercial projects.

They pride themselves on having consistent, quality services which the goal being that it’s as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest levels of performance. They are known for their extremely high level of customer service and completing projects on time and within budget.

H&C Insulations contacted Vitty as they had no previous online material and realised the importance as they were falling behind their competition so it was important we created something that immediately put their mark the industry and allowed them to grow and provide fantastic services.



It’s so refreshing to work with an agency that actively listens to, guides, & challenges the thinking of its clients to create great outcomes for its customers. If you're looking for someone to help you significantly enhance your digital presence, you’ve found them in Vitty.

by Derek Findlayson

What we did

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • Hosting
  • Online Marketing
  • Ongoing Support
  • Social Network Management
InteliHub Consulting Ltd

Project Outcome

First, we needed to understand what brand Derek wanted to create for InteliHub Consulting Ltd and how he wanted it to come across in the market.

For the logos, we wanted to reflect the continuous growth they offer to their clients and the continual improvements to the staff as well. Hence the increasing bars, with a neutral green linking the business to money and finance which is one of their biggest target niches.

With comprehensive guidelines outlining their brand, we followed that into their website, which was structured to provide all of the necessary information that clients and partners needed along the way. This included stationery, social media, a website and email marketing too – all of which gave InteliHub Consulting Ltd confidence to walk into the UK’s best-known businesses as a big player.

Successful new business start up


Percentage of first time visitors

Hired by large UK companies due to campaigns

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