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Revitalising an existing website to drastically improve its speed and usability

  • 17 seconds Loading time reduced by
  • 3GB's Space reduced, increasing speed

Who they are

Get a Better Car is a business specialising in offering car finance packages, in particular to those customers with average and poor credit scores, some of whom are unlikely to find a deal elsewhere. They have a number of vehicles on their books and allow their customers to upgrade their car without breaking the bank.

What the issue was

The company initially came to us looking for a better hosting deal, but their website was also sluggish – partly due to the excessive cumulative file size of their photos of the cars. In addition, they were struggling to be found on Google and needed search engine optimisation (SEO) improvements.

How we helped

The first step we took was to transfer the website onto our hosting servers as requested. Following this, we went into the back-end of the website and rebuilt it in order to streamline its operation for Get a Better Car’s customers. This included providing a calculator in the back end, where the car’s price was entered and the prices for good, average, bad and very bad credit ratings were automatically calculated and displayed. The next step we took was to reduce the size of the images on the website and optimise them – this step proved to be instrumental in speeding the website loading times up and ultimately improving its performance. Finally, we added SEO code to the back-end of the website, which improved its rankings.

What happened next

Following our work, the business went from strength to strength. The SEO improvements resulted in an improved presence on Google, with the website climbing the rankings for several keywords. The website also loaded a lot faster, which minimised the number of prospective customers who bounced off the site without taking time to look at it.

Vitty host my website and have made some quite crucial changes to it to improve the speed performance over the past few months. We are a car dealer and as have a number of cars increased so that the large file size photos of each car remember the website was lacking at 20 seconds to load. Sam made some straightforward changes which shaved down to three seconds. Sam is very competent and very well priced. If you want a fair quote and a great service give them a call.

Duncan Twigg Director