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Advertising on Social Media is quickly becoming an important and effective marketing channel to engage and convert consumers. A big reason for its growth and success is the variety of advanced targeting options available which allows you to narrow down your niche audience and then research and construct specific messages.

To understand your audience and how to target them effectively, we thoroughly research your business, as well as identifying the social media platforms where your niche audience are most active. This allows us to narrow down the niche audience using demographics such as age, location and gender or even specific areas such as parental status, employer or job title. We then create the campaigns which will best target your audience using our team of designers and developers to develop effective ads. It’s not just cold leads or new customers you can target with Paid Social. You can lure back customers who have abandoned carts or leads that have expired for both B2B and B2C, no matter what the market size.

We work from your marketing objectives to follow your business’ KPI’s, in order to advise and implement the campaigns for you. We pride ourselves in making sure that ad campaigns are researched, created and monitored to achieve the best return on investment that we can for you.

Kimberley | Toy shop owner

Kimberley | Toy shop owner

I have a new ecommerce website, but am not making many online sales. Customers who visit my website say that it looks great and they can easily find what they want and purchase with trust. However my competition always seem to be getting more customers and orders.

How can I reach that next level and make sure my website is as productive as it can be?

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How we can help

Our expert team will research your business and generate more leads for your business through social media adverts. We will narrow down your customers’ demographic so we narrow down and target those customers and locations who are interested in your business and will become a genuine lead.

Our social media adverts will get your customers attention and give you instant visibility. Your customers will then be able to click through to your website and make their purchase.

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