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Marketing in the digital age carries the same objectives as marketing in times gone by: getting your brand, products and business out there and as visible as possible to potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the new face of this process. All SEO activity is designed to make your website more visible to web users. When an SEO campaign is successful, your products, services or content is the first thing a customer sees when they enter a query matching what you are trying to promote.

Basic SEO services include keyword research, which identifies the keywords your site should be targeting according to relevance and potential to gain your site valuable traffic. These keywords are used to make decisions about certain elements of the code of each your site’s pages. Importantly, they are also used to decide the nature of your page’s content and the way it appeals to users.

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The SEO umbrella

However, there are quite a wide range of services that come under the SEO umbrella. These include optimisation of services like Google My Business, especially important for local businesses (for example those specifically targeting customers based in Nottingham), link building, which involves gaining backlinks for your site, and technical auditing, involving a detailed search of your website looking for any technical issues that might prevent a search engine from indexing it or understand its contents.

Keeping up-to-date

SEO is notoriously a constantly changing discipline. The algorithms behind search engines are constantly updated, usually without the changes being announced. This means that SEOs need to be well informed and constantly on their toes – practices that were the norm just a year ago are often now a waste of time. Careful, analytical research and up-to-date technical knowledge are essential for successful SEO in 2018.

Working with Vitty

We will work with your site, and your business, to ensure that you make a return on your investment in SEO, and we will always work towards getting your site a prominent, authoritative position in search rankings, depending on your needs and the users you are targeting. We specialise in getting businesses in Nottingham connected with their ideal customers. Contact Vitty today to find out how our SEO services can help the growth of your business.

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