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| 2 min read

We’ve become a recommended agency with RAR

By Sam Briggs

It’s been an exciting few months here at Vitty. And now we’re delighted to announce that we have achieved status as a Recommended Agency.

Like other schemes and statuses, you can’t buy your status on the Recommended Agency Register (or RAR, as it’s known); you have to earn it by a job well done – see what we did that 😉 and through positive recommendations from your clients.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with RAR, let us explain a bit more about them.

What is the Recommended Agency Register?

RAR is an online database of over 9000 marketing agencies across the UK who work in web design, marketing and advertising and much more you can think of like. It’s run by the company who publish The Drum, the UK’s biggest marketing industry magazine and website.

In its own words:

“We help clients find their perfect agencies. And we help agencies find their perfect clients.”

As mentioned above, you can only get onto the Register if you have enough positive recommendations from your clients. So, we are thrilled that our clients have given us positive feedback to allow us this status.

Why Recommendations Matter

You might’ve seen our case studies and examples of clients we’ve already help to grow and achieve further success. And while this is important to us, you can’t lie that a positive testimonial from a client rocks!

We always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when your clients give positive feedback on the services we’ve done for them regardless if it’s a full-blown marketing campaign to just providing faster, more secure hosting.

Importantly, this paints us in a good light when potential new clients are considering if we’re the right business for them.

It’s also really important that you don’t keep your positive feedback to yourself. Shout about it and you’ll grab the attention of others.

This is why RAR matters to us, but the above notion applies equally to your business, no matter which industry you’re involved in.

Check out our listing on the Recommended Agency Register here, and to talk to us about how our expertise can help your business to thrive online, call us on 0115 8500 431 or get in touch via our contact form.

(And if any other happy clients would like to recommend us, you can do so here – thanks!)