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Madeleine Helme

| 3 min read

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

By Madeleine Helme

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts
Getting on top of your social media can be difficult

Social media is a great way to promote your business and create brand awareness. What’s more, you can do it all for free if you don’t have much of a budget. But when you’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, social media management can become a lot to handle.

You have to create the content and tailor it to each site, post to each platform on a regular basis, monitor and respond to comments on your content, and engage with other users on each site. If it’s all a bit too much for you, this article will help you get back on top of your social media management.

3 tips to help you get in control of your social media accounts

Here are some simple tips to help you stay in control of your social media…

Start small

You don’t have to be on all of the platforms straight away. If you’re just getting started, then it’s better to do one platform well rather than trying to do too much. Decide which platform best suits your goals and target audience, and start there! Once you’re comfortable with that, consider expanding onto other platforms.

Create a content calendar

It always helps to have a plan you can follow. Create a calendar for the week, month, or even the year ahead that outlines what kind of content you will share and when. This allows you to look ahead and create the content you need. It will also help you stay consistent with your posting schedule, which is important for social media.

Assign clear roles

If everyone on your team is doing a little bit here and there, then things are more likely to be missed. Plus, your brand messaging will be less consistent. Make sure everyone knows what they should be doing and when. If you can, assign or hire a single employee to be in charge of social media management (if you have the capacity for it).

Social media management tools

To make things easier for yourself, you can use an online social media management tool. This will help you share content and monitor engagement across multiple channels. Here are a few popular tools you can try:

All of these have free and paid versions to suit your needs and budget. You can add multiple accounts to a single social media management account. This allows you to easily switch between them and stay on top of everything.

You can post content directly from them, schedule posts for future times and dates, review posts and engagements, and get a variety of analytics to help you assess the performance of your account and specific posts.

Outsource your social media management

If you still have too much on your plate with the above tips, then the next option is to outsource some or all of your social media management. This will free your time up to focus on other aspects of your business, while also ensuring you the best possible results from a team of social media experts.

If you’d like to find out how Vitty can help your business with social media management, then get in touch to learn more.