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Google Analytic Reports coming in 2018

By Sam Briggs

We are pleased to announce that coming January 2018, our customers will start getting monthly Google Analytics reports that will show them how their website did in the previous month.

What are we doing?

Each month, our clients will get a PDF file giving them the previous months analytics data from Google featuring how many visitors they have, what social networks send the most traffic and their most popular pages plus a lot more.

It will also break down how people come to their site from the various methods;

  • Direct – e.g. they go straight to vitty.co.uk
  • Organic – e.g. they search Google or Bing for Vitty or ‘Web Design Nottingham’
  • Referral – e.g. they come via a customers website or blog post


We are doing this as it will continue to help our clients get an understanding of not only how many people visit their website but where they come from and what they are searching for to get there via their social media channels, keywords or backlinks.

We are also adding this feature at no extra cost to our clients old or new.

The benefits

The benefits will help our clients better understand their website and if it’s helping their business as much as it good.

If they see a high visitors, it offers peace of mind that their marketing is working and sending traffic to the website. It will allow them to narrow down which ones’ work best and increase their budget or decrease if it doesn’t send much traffic.

If they see low visitors each month, they can speak with us about SEO and PPC packages we offer along with other marketing options available to drive more visitors to their website and business.